We believe that Art is for Everyone. That’s why our mission is to make art as accessible as possible to as many people as possible. Since we began in 2012, we’ve stayed true to this mission by donating not only financially, but through classes and art supplies to support the arts in underserved communities both locally and internationally, including schools, homeless youth services, programs for disabled and impaired kids and adults, and women’s shelters.

Years of research and experience shows that when individuals to see the power they have inside their heads, hearts, and fingertips to create the life they want, it changes lives and changes the world.

Now, we’re permanently installing a 1-for-1 Giving Campaign (2-for-1 through the month of December!). For every Art Party Online membership purchased, we are gifting a classroom a specially developed course From Doodles to Design that teaches not only the basics of art but the foundations of creative literacy, visual communication, and using art to connect with and express emotions.

As the future of technology is leading schools into STEM curricula, the human component–design–is often overlooked. Just the early 90s, growth in design-based fields has grown by a factor of 1000, and while it’s projected to slow, it will to continue to grow at a factor of 100 through the next 30 years. These skills are going to be needed to prepare students for their future in both academics and the workforce as a basic design aesthetic influences everything from school projects, to resumes, to reports.

This program is designed with the opportunity for cross-curriculum integration, overlapping with chemistry and physical science (light and color), geometry (shapes, figures, angles), and language arts (emotive text, poetry, typography) to name a few. It provides opportunity to deepen important life skills like connecting to and expressing emotions, and learning to see how design influences our lives, and strengthening visual communication and divergent thinking.

Bring your friends together, do something for yourself, or gift a membership to a loved one… 
whatever you do, know you’re making an impact.

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