Does your ability to innovate and problem solve give you confidence in your Self and in the work that you do?

Are you

Connected with your creative Self?

Clear in your creative style and how it compliments and adds to your strengths?

Centered with your authenticity as it resides within your innate creativity?

Living outside your bubble and really thinking outside the box?

A leader in your field?

Living an interesting and vibrant life of your own design?


The evidence-based techniques used in The Creative Mindset Mastermind can provide you with an undeniable YES to all of these! The Imagine First Method™ used as the framework behind the Mastermind includes proven techniques and strategies from Design Thinking, cognitive psychology, and applied neuroscience (growth mindset) to help you reinvent your mindset to work from a place of infinite possibility and the creative confidence to aspire and achieve greatness. All the while, seamlessly infusing your daily work with holistic brain health that has been shown in many cases to reduce cortisol and the effects of stress and increase your productivity and overall satisfaction.






How will we make all this happen?

We will explore how to assign value to our Creative Practice to elevate it to the priority it deserves and create space for a happier, more balanced Self. I will guide you through designing your own creative space (mentally and physically) for ease and optimization of your Creative Practice.

I will infuse a renewed sense of wonder and curiosity to the mundane day-to-day through simple guided prompts.

You will get two 30 minute one-on-one brainstorming sessions with me, as well as a facilitated mastermind with YOU in the spotlight as I facilitate the group through design thinking strategies aimed at engineering ideas and innovating solutions for life or business, then you get the built-in support and accountability of the group as you turn those ideas into action!